I remember reaching the end of the world...

IC Contact; Asgard Eventide
A somber smile.
This is the IC contact post used for Aether in asgardeventide. Feel free to contact him anytime you need him. For those trying to reach him via text, the answering machine will give you...

"Greetings. This is Aether speaking. Since I cannot be reached right now, please, leave your message after the signal." a pleasant cursive. For everyone who uses sound, the same message will be delivered in a calm and polite voice.

Look ahead.
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002.nd Fragment: The Missing Time [audio]
Watching the sky.
This place really is like a fairy tale, isn't it..?

[ Aether's voice is thoughtful, even a little distant. His fingers drum on the window of the library in a soft and steady rhythm, creating a sound that conceals the sound of the wind outside. This might not be the safest or the warmest place, but he's fine with that. Seeking a more permanent hoe is low on his list right now. ]

You return home and let the years pass. One of them goes by, three, five... you live, you learn, you grow stronger. But then this place returns into your life and the time seems to roll back. No matter how much you experienced back home, it has been nothing more than four months here. Like in the Faerie Court, the time here and there never moves at the same speed.

[ The drumming stops, instead replaced by a faint sound of amusement. ]

Don't you think it unfair that you cannot miss the events back home, but can miss plenty here? I would think memories of both should be equally precious.

APPLICATION: Asgard Eventide
A somber smile.
Click here for details.Collapse ) Fragment: A Soaked Arrival [action]
Throw it all away.
[ A new arrival might seem unusual so late in the month, but there is one in town today. Visit the clothing store today and you might see a tall young man hanging out near one of the shelves. He's dressed in usual New Feather pants, except their color and the way they sit on him is a tad unusual. Coming up closer reveals why: the newcomer is positively soaked, with a large puddle having already formed on the store's floor and more streaming down even now.

He pulls a towel off his head, revealing messy hair of cerulean color in he process, and only then turns around enough to notice that he's being watched.

There is a moment of silence as he squeezes a bucketful of water out of the towel, and then a question. ]


[ Later in the day, after any and all encounters in the clothing store, the same young man can be spotted in the market district. Dressed in a black clothes with blue embroidery, he makes his way through the place with peculiar confidence of someone familiar with the place. If you pass him by and stare, he'll wave and mutter off a short greeting. If you respond, he might even stop for a chat.

His ultimate destination is the weapon shop. Until then, feel free to run into him and say hello. ]

Look ahead.
Name Nemo
Livejournal Username: gedachtnis
AIM/MSN: Shinkou Enryu @ AIM
Current Characters at Luceti: Currently N/A

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It's alright like this.
[ Aether is disappointed.

He never thought he could feel disappointed over something like this. It is an undeniable truth that he cannot handle violence. The last draft, when he spent a week in bed before his mind reshaped itself into something that could function once again, was the ultimate proof of that. And yet, knowing that there were people fighting out there for several days leaves a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Is this because he couldn't help anyone on the front lines? Is there something out there that actually calls for him? Aether has no idea and it makes his mood turn almost foul.

Rather than explore the village like this, he settles down in the library. Estelle still isn't back - he's beginning to worry, although he tells himself not to - and he figures cleaning the place and putting the books back into their places is a worthwhile thing to do. It takes him a long time and a major realization that he has no idea how she manages to do this every day, but it's a welcome distraction. It keeps him from thinking about stupid things.

Anyone is welcome to run into him during that time. It's already late evening by the time he's done and he doesn't even bother to leave the library. He simply makes himself comfortable at one of the reading tables and, after tapping on the journal's cover a few times, finally opens it.

When he speaks, his voice is dry and almost lost in thought. ]

Is anyone from the recent draft up for talking yet? There are things about it I would know.

2.005'th FRAGMENT [action]
Solitude that asks nothing in return.
[ The thunderstorm may have been too much for Aether, but peaceful rain easily lures him out of his house and into Luceti's streets. An occasional swim in the lake may have been nice, but it's the open rainfall that calms him the most and helps him gather his thoughts. It reminds him of home, of the many days he has spent traveling through the falling rain and the many times he had nowhere to hide from it... as well as of the one person who protected him from it and who isn't in this place anymore.

It is a heavy thought even a month after her disappearance from their apartment, but that is why Aether is outside right now. He stands in the town square, his eyes closed and his head raised toward the sky, and lets the rain wash over him until the difficult thoughts and emotional turmoil mix in with the light noise.

It is when his mind turns empty like this, however, that Aether's senses are at their sharpest. If anyone walks by right now, he is sure to notice. ]

2.004'th FRAGMENT [action]
Serious business.
[ His magic shall not help him this time.

The thought doesn't worry Aether as much as it annoys him. Even if the song behind his magic cannot reach, his body, his instincts and the world around him are all good enough weapons. Even if his blade cannot be summoned, he can use everything else. In the end, the only thing this limitation does is force him to improvise. The only edge his enemy has on him is forcing him to prepare a couple things beforehand. In a way, this entire limitation is a charade that does nothing but force him to prepare more than expected. The only victory his target achieved is one of winning a little more time.

At least, that's what Aether tells himself as he heads into the smithy in order to prepare. It's better than trying to think too hard about anything else... for example, such as his best friend missing from their house for a week now.

In the days following the call to arms, he can be found in the smithy and around the market. If anyone keeps watching him for more than a few minutes, they'll discover that he's trying to put together a small arsenal consisting of a sword and a crossbow big and powerful enough to send a bolt flying across half the field. He figures that if the enemy intends to cancel out his magic on approach, he might as well simply not approach them before his projectiles do.

With all the new bolts and custom arrowheads he's trying to make, not to mention all the time he's spending in the smithy and the marketplace, someone is bound to notice him. Feel free to come bother him if you do. ]

2.003'rd FRAGMENT [voice+action]
Look ahead.
[ It has been over a week since Aether was last seen outside... whatever happened to him during the last experiment, left ruined his interest in going outside for a while. Today, however, he can be found in the town square. Seated on a barrel and with his back pressed against the wall, he's mostly noticeable because of a pile of books in his lap. There are about six of them - most of them are old tales and legends, with the two open ones being recognizable as a collection of fairy tales and his own journal.

When he begins to speak into the journal, his words begin with a soft sigh. ]

I don't remember much of the time before I arrived here. Although I'm somehow aware of looking as what one would consider an adult, I'm still not sure if I can count myself as one. I woke up like looking like this, ventured into the world and tried to figure out some answers like this. Twenty seven days. That was all I had before I ended up here, in this place everyone calls Luceti. After I disappeared from here and returned once, that time turned into fifty six.

I wonder...

How do you relate to your memories? How would you relate to them if all you had is a couple shreds? How would you feel if you sometimes felt that your body and the world around you remember so much more about you than your mind does?

The longer I spend here, the more it feels like the pieces of who I am and who I'm supposed to be are drifting further apart. There should be an easier way to connect them all.

[ With his message sent and the majority of his word supply for the week exhausted, Aether places the journal onto the barrel next to him and wait for response. He'll be there for a while. In the meantime, people nearby can still run into him and marvel at his pile of books. ]

2.003'rd FRAGMENT [action+voice] - 4'th wall event!
Look ahead.
[ It's morning and the first thing Aether discovers is that Luceti has considerably more people than he's used to. So much for his plans to organize some kind of an expedition toward the sea. Rather than do anything in this crowd, he's going to retreat to the barracks and spend most of the morning practicing his swordsmanship...

If it can be described as that! Anyone who wanders by the barracks tonight, feel free to notice a blue-haired young man dressed in a black hooded coat going through practice combos. His fighting style would be straightforward if not for his weapon - it takes on a new form in the midst of each swing, becoming whatever weapon would be the most effective for he swing. Although it looks chaotic at first glance, observing it for a while reveals a curious cocktail of various fighting styles from all over the world. Be it a jumping lunge with a spear or a series of katana swings transitioning into an axe, this youth seems to grasp them naturally.

He'll keep going for at least an hour or two, so he'll be easy to walk in on. Feel free to walk in, watch, chat him up or even challenge him to a spar.

After he's done, Aether is going to unsummon his weapon and go open up his journal for a message. ]

There is an unusual number of people around today... 'tis not the new cycle, is it? Neither the timing nor the number of people are the same.

[ A pause. ]

I think I'll spend the day on cooking. If anyone in this horde is hungry, do feel free to direct yourself toward the eight-story building to the southwest of the town square.

[ He's talking about the seventh community building, which is where he'll direct himself right after a quick browse through the market. Tinkering with the stove in the first floor's kitchen and leafing through cooking books is as good of a way to deal with a chaotic day as any. ]

2.002'nd FRAGMENT [voice+action]
Look ahead.
It has been the third time by now, was it not? Of this draft, that is.

[ Aether sounds too thoughtful and distant for someone leaving a message on the network during the morning. For those anywhere near the 7th community building, he can be found in the kitchen of the 4th floor. He peacefully sits on the windowsill, his head leaning on the glass and his eyes focused on the weather outside. The smell coming out of the stove is positively delicious. It seems that he's baking something. ]

I haven't seen much organization happening on the network. Is everyone all right? I would think people would begin to prepare by now. Assign roles to capable combatants so no time is wasted, have several strategists to coordinate the efforts, have a team of doctors prepared for when everyone returns to the village...

Did I somehow miss most of that? This isn't a game, you know. Whether one wants to fight in a war or not, 'tis up to them to keep casualties as few as possible.

[ As those words leave him, Aether breathes out sharply and curls up on the windowsill. For those with particularly good hearing, another line can be heard. ]

Whenever I think about the idea of war, my head...

[ Another pause. When his voice returns, it's louder. ]

It's strange.... ever since I woke up this morning, I've been feeling a very nostalgic smell in the wind. It smells like... sea.

2.001'st FRAGMENT [voice+action]
Look ahead.
[ This is backdated to November 19th, late evening. ]

Ah... ah... ACHOO!!

[ It is the most awful sound to begin a journal entry with, but Aether doesn't seem to have a lot of choice. Judging from the sounds of snow and old branches cracking under his feet, he's stuck somewhere in the forest during this fascinating weather. ]

C-curses..! [ Another loud sneeze. ] If there is anyone listening... could you go fetch my clothes or at least an umbrella from the clothing store? I... ah... ACHOO! I cannot move around properly when it's this cold.

[ A sharp sigh can be heard, followed by slight chattering of teeth. It's odd... he shouldn't be freezing that much in this weather. ]

It has been... almost two months since I've seen this place, hasn't it. [ Pause. ] It's strange. It doesn't feel like that at all...

FRAGMENTS -to the edge of the world-
Walking on the air.
Book.1 - The Great War of Another Era
Prologue ~ Her Circumstances

The end of the century brought with it a great war...Collapse )
Tags: FRAGMENT [action]
Look ahead.
[ It has been a quiet and fairly lazy week for Aether. One of the recent conversations had once again made him realize how much he doesn't know about the most simple things - things like holidays and special dates or occasions - and so he decided to spend some time in the library, shuffling through books in order to gain some knowledge...

For better or worse, Aether is the kind of person who gets so distracted by work that he forgets to do such basic things like sleep. So, in the end, he ends up dozing off in the faraway corner of the library, where he was sure he wouldn't bother anyone.

By the time he emerges outside in the afternoon, he looks very... different from his usual self. A few passersby are bound to see him tug on the cowl every other step, all in a futile attempt to get it off his head. Judging by how it immediately returns into place, that doesn't work out very well.

He continues on like this until he comes across...

A pumpkin. A very badly carved pumpkin rested near one of the buildings, to be precise. It must have been the last one to be carved, because it has a narrow and uneven mouth without any teeth, and the eyes are small and look like someone just poked at them for a few minutes. Aether may not know a thing about fine art, but he knows a half-assed job when he sees one. He reacts in the only way he knows.

That is to say, he pulls out his axe.

If you're outside in the afternoon, feel free to come across a thin man dressed in a skin-tight purple bodysuit that someone would wear only to show off. He's made himself comfortable in the town square, where he's sitting on the edge of the fountain and carving up a pumpkin with menacing precision. His tool for it? A heavy-looking black axe obviously designed for battle.

For that matter, feel free to also tell him to approach this matter in a sane way. ] fragment [ACTION+VOICE]
Rush ahead.
[ This is backdated to evening of August 13th! I couldn't post it sooner due to birthday-related havoc, so here it goes... ]

[ Early in the evening of August 13th, one of the demons and summon beasts shows up in town. This one is completely harmless... in fact, a careful look will reveal it as Aether's moogle, small and fat and moving at amazing speed that shouldn't be possible for his tiny wings.

A more careful look will reveal that it's carrying Aether's journal, and it will shove it at anyone who looks capable of going into battle, or even standing on their own two legs. It looks panicked and its paw keeps gesturing to the south, all the way in the direction of the lake. But there doesn't seem to be much there...

Suddenly, a gigantic pillar of water rises from where the lake should be. It hovers in the air for a good dozen seconds, only to fall apart into separate droplets and reveal a massive cerulean serpent. The creature roars so loudly that it can be heard from all the way over there, and finally plunges back into the lake. Its movements are sudden and angry, as if it's fighting someone.

The Moogle produces a spooked "Kupo!" and begins to tug on its victim's clothes. It seems to be begging for someone to come and help! Will you listen to it and go there? ]

Meanwhile, all the way at the lake...Collapse )
Tags: fragment [ACTION+VOICE]
What's over there?
[ Late in the morning of the second day since monsters started falling from the sky, Aether finds himself scavenging in the parts of the forest burned down by Yuber yesterday. It certainly looks well beyond recovery - the trees are a blackened mess and the only sounds of animals are those coming from monsters. Still, he cannot simply leave it like this, can he? This forest has been his home for the longest time...

It is while he's looking for any surviving animals - especially for the owl that's been following him for months now - that he runs across something very, very curious... ]

Kupo. [ Announces the small white furball with a pompom on its head. Aether kneels down in front of it to check on it, more curious than anything. ]

Hey there, little fellow. Are you lost?

Kupo. [ The Moogle tilts its head to the side. ]

Right... [ A long pause as he considers something. ] Want to go with me? I don't know if I can take you where you want to go, but at least you'll be safe.

Kupo... [ The creature shifts its head to the other side. A long pause, and it finally nods vigorously. ] Kupo!

Hahaha... [ Laughter is a rare thing when coming from Aether, and it is almost eerily relaxed in this case. ] All right. [ Pause. ] Ah, but you're something like a demon, right? I guess we'll have to make some rules if we travel together. First of all... no sitting on my head.

[ And so it continues. ]

[ A good forty minutes later, Aether's journal comes to life. The expression he gives the camera is rather concerned. ]

Hello? I am in need of a little help. If anyone can vouch for being from the same world as... [ He looks around for a moment, only to reach up and pull the Moogle off his head. ] ...this little guy, I would appreciate knowing what he eats or any other peculiarities. I tried asking, but the only thing he gives me is...


... Yes, that.
Tags: fragment [voice]
It's alright like this.
[ Backdated to unholy hours of the night, probably around three-four hours in the morning. ]

The weather is different tonight, hm... [ Wherever Aether is, it must be fairly high from the ground. The tree branches are creaking softly under the soft sounds of wind, leaving the backdrop more ominous than not. Somewhere nearby, an owl is hooting in a scared voice. ] A scarlet moon. It sure reminds me of certain nights at home.

[ The branch behind him squeaks softly as he pulls one leg close to his chest. A flutter of wings is followed by another hoot and a sound of rustling clothes. ]

Ah... don't worry, little one. There aren't any ghosts and demons to go wild on nights like this one around here.

... Right?
Tags: fragment [ACTION+VOICE]
A successful roll in perception.
[ At first, the only image to appear in Aether's journal is the late morning sky, a beautiful blue decorated with white outlines of passing clouds. The sounds in the background are few and far between - the animals and birds are more interested in hiding from the heat than making noise, turning the soundscape into one of soft rippling water...

Indeed, Aether is near the southern lake, where there is at least some salvation from the scorching summer heat. ]

This weather is ridiculous. [ His hand hovers over the journal, lets several droplets of water fall onto the paper and finally descends to rest on the diary. ] Even the lake surface feels as if it's boiling.

[ A soft sigh and his hand slips away as he rolls onto his back. A few moments of silence, and he finally concludes. ]

. . . It won't last, will it? This is my first summer, and yet I already want it to be the last.

FRAGMENTS / Luceti ver.
Look ahead.
NARRATIVE.001 - Same Old Dream
Just me trying to get my writing voice back. Don't mind this!

It is the same dream he has every other night.Collapse ) fragment [ACTION + VOICE]
Look ahead.
[ Early in the morning after the rain, Aether's journal finds itself laying on the root of a large tree. It must be the lack of balance that let it open wide like this and offer everyone in Luceti a look of the morning forest after the rain. A few droplets of water have fallen on the paper, creating small spots of distortion on the otherwise clear image.

Aether himself is standing a few steps away - because of the angle of the journal, one can only see him from the back. His hair is a little wet and the scales on the sides of his neck are shimmering softly, clearly content with the still moist air.

One of his hands is raised, with the palm of his hand pointing toward the sky. It almost feels like he's trying to catch something... ]

Beautiful, is it not? Back in Dead End, my garden had a similar melody... haunting and sublime.

[ He pauses for a moment. Somehow, it doesn't feel like he's talking to the journal. ]

You would not understand this nostalgic feeling, would you? Because you are just a phantom haunting my footsteps.

[ Another pause, longer this time. He cocks his head back and peers toward the sky, as if in expectation of something. A deep sigh, and he finally concludes. ]

'tis good weather today. Perhaps, I shall be able to practice my song.

003.rd fragment [ACTION]
Look ahead.
[ It is early morning in Luceti when Aether emerges from the local forest and makes his way toward the town square. He looks worse for the wear than he probably should be - his posture is weak and shaken, and the hilt of his axe is extended so it can be used for support. His eyes are completely blank and narrowed in anger, while his teeth are clenched.

The more unhealthy part of his appearance, however, is his gills - normally hidden behind thin lines of cerulean scales, they now hang off his neck as an awkward-looking organic collar of a soft red color. They look, to put it nicely, unhealthy and in serious need of treatment.

He makes his way toward the market in that state, muttering faint curses to himself whenever the road turns uneven and his walk slips. Feel free to stop him and strike up a conversation - he doesn't look like he'll get far on his own, in any case. ]

[ Later in the day, when the sun is already high in the sky, he'll be found near the fountain in the town square. It is clear that his earlier appearance ended with a raid on the marketplace, because he's now sitting next to a heavy paper bag filled with bread and fruit. His hair and face are visibly wet, and the water is gathering around the reddish organs on his neck. Judging by their more rigid shape and softer color, they're already getting better.

He'll be sitting there for now, gnawing on apples and only sometimes wincing and raising his hand to his gills. It looks like Malnosso did quite a number on him...

But then, it also seems that he's not about to let that bring him down. ]

002.nd fragment [text]
Look ahead.
Almost one week passed since my arrival to this area. Investigation is proceeding slowly. If this is another district of the City, the difference between them is too great. I wonder if the difference between my home and my destination is also this big.

Establishing a resource network proved easy. The water in the wilderness is clean, the forest is comfortable. May need to find a more permanent living space separated from other entities. Birds here speak more than my patience can handle. Last night, an owl attempted to convince me that the tree is his and I'll have to pay him rent in mice.

Shall attempt to find a new place during my attempts to map out the southern regions of the forest. I shall require more detailed information if I am to figure out my next step.

This "writing things down to clear your head" thing isn't working out as well as they say it does.

[ooc: Aether writes in a very fancy, very accurate cursive. A good example would be the top font here. For the sake of preserving some of it, I'll be using italics as his text and this kind of text as his thoughts. His voice is the normal unedited kind.]
Tags: fragment [action]
Look ahead.
[ There is a new feather in the town today--he looks like a new arrival, at least, what's with the clueless look on his face. He had the luck of arriving with his clothes nearby, at least - a sleeveless black turtleneck and black hakama emblazoned with the ornament of a raging sea. For someone who had just arrived to an unfamiliar place, he doesn't seem to be distressed at all. Instead, he's clearly curious - his eyes are wide open as he takes in every smallest bit of scenery, inspects buildings and... ]

[ ...well, harasses passersby. ]

[ In fact, that's why you must notice him at first. He stops in front of one of the village's faceless inhabitants and leans close, inspecting him through squinted eyes. Finally, he reaches out and blatantly pokes the man on the forehead. The poor man gasps in surprise and steps back, only to make his escape while the newcomer reaches up and cups his chin in thought. ]

Hmmm... he really is...

[ A long pause, and the young man sighs in confusion. He's not prepared for this. ]

Ah well... [ His hand drops to his side as he begins to look around once more. ]

First, to find where they took it.

[ And with that thought, he continues on his way. ]

[ Feel free to stop him or be the latest victim of his curiosity. ]

PROFILE: Dressing Rooms
Walking on the air.
Name: "Aether Brandier" the most commonly used alias. Frederick Whitechapel and Kakeru Otonashi are among other ones. His real name is unknown and will never be revealed due to how his story is structured.
Gender: Male
Age: 22-23 physically, but well into his 60's mentally.
Height: 6'1"
Sexuality: Straight; switch.
Appearance: LINK
Series: Original Universe; Aether has a number of AU incarnations designed for various fandoms, but they are only used when requested or when the post demands it.

- I'm fine with both regular prose and action tags. Regular prose is normally used in actual posts, while action tags are used on memes and such. Feel free to respond to me with both.
- Avoid one-liners when it comes to third-person narrative. I don't expect entire paragraphs of complex prose, but I do like having something to work with. Around 3-7 sentences is about perfect in my book.
- Clean writing. Large numbers of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as sloppy formatting, will put me off instantly and make me choose to drop the thread.
- Tell me what you want - if not through narrative, then through OOC notes and PMs. As long as I know where you'd like the thread to go, I'll be able to do much better with it.
- Patience. My erratic schedule often makes me a slow tagger. Don't be quick to assume I dropped your threads if I stopped responding. Your best bet is to PM me and ask me to tag sooner.

- Aether has a slender built reminiscent of an acrobat or a gymnast, with evenly toned muscles.
- He tends to wear functional clothes designed for combat and traveling. His primary favored colors are black and white, with blue ornamentation.
- His right wrist is commonly covered by a metal armlet, black with a silver ornament.
- The irises of his eyes are a lighter blue color than his pupils, rather than black as with most humans.
- The sides of his neck sport two trails of scales. These are his gills, as well as his only visible inhuman trait.
- Aether's chosen voice is Ryohei Kimura. For examples of how he sounds, listen to the male lead here and here. For those of you who would rather not listen to anime clips, imagine a very soft and husky voice.

- Aether presents himself as a focused, short-spoken person who doesn't like to mince his words.
- He has a strong sense of duty and always finishes what he started, no matter how much it costs him.
- His mindset is that of an adventurer or a mercenary. He's good at putting everything he has to good use.
- For the reason above, he's knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics that seem to cover more than one world.
- He's a competent diplomat, capable of intelligent discussion and difficult negotiations despite his dislike of speaking.
- He often comes off as restless and on the constant lookout of something to do.
- He's poor at forming close friendships and personal connections, too used to the idea of moving on before establishing the relationship
- Although he falls in love easily, he tends to avoid making moves and will often hide his feelings unless something pushes him together with the person he likes.
- He has an extreme dislike of senseless violence and will become hostile to anyone who anyone who commits it.
- His strong personality is mostly a facade. The real Aether is a hesitant person, riddled with doubts and unsure about his place in the world.
- He's very emotionally frail and can be quite a crybaby when he's sure no one is looking.
- Despite the last two points, he's very good at maintaining his strong font due to having put himself through extensive psychological conditioning. You'll need very extensive CR if you want to see his more fragile side.

- Aether is mostly drawn to emotional strength, sincerity and experience. He dislikes people who put on airs and is easily put off by dishonesty and forced politeness.
- Seeing as he comes from a fantasy world, he has no issues with fantasy and science fiction races. His partner being an orc, elf, draenei or a quarian won't bother him. The core requirement is recognizable "human" features; furries and animals are no go.
- He is a fairly romantic person. Simply holding hands and having idle conversation means as much to him as more intimate activities.
- When in bed, he is emotional and eager. His partner's good mood and emotional satisfaction are more important to him than anything else.
- Although physically dominant, he is easily swayed by his partner's demands and thus can be easily topped, both normally and from the bottom.
- He is fairly experienced and will easily roll along with most positions out there. He also enjoys light bondage now and then.
- As mentioned above, Aether has a lot of problems with violence. If his partner doesn't consent, he'll stop immediately. Pushing for non-con anywhere near him is a quick and easy way to earn a punch in the face.
- As a last note, bathroom play is a major no.

The world Aether comes from hinges on the idea that fairy tales exist as dimensions of their own, each one stuck in an eternal loop enforced by the rules of its own narrative. Each story repeats over and over, the cycle ensuring that the heroes always win and the villains get punished in order to fuel the stories told in other worlds.

That was all good and well for a while, except everything changes one day. One day, the villains decided that they're sick of this endless cycle of punishment and escaped their stories. The heroes, perfectly content with their cycle of eternal victory, took chase after them. The stories, abandoned and neglected, quickly became twisted and overrun with corruption. As the rot spread across the Metaverse, it began to spread and overrun all other worlds and stories.

So how does Aether fit into this?

Aether is a stock character known as the Black Knight or the Nameless Hero. If the Metaverse is a mechanism, then he is an errand boy - a presence used wherever the story doesn't have a named character to drive it forward. Neither a hero nor a villain, he simply exists in order to make the narrative move forward smoothly. Although his presence and influence has advanced in modern times, it is still far too weak and unimportant in comparison to all the other characters with actual names.

Needless to say, an unimportant presence like him had very little stock in either side when the Metaverse collapsed. On the other hand, it made him the perfect candidate for the biggest errand the Metaverse had ever assigned to anyone - venture out there, clean up some of the corruption and, if possible, bring anyone back to their arranged places. He can do it however he wants and ask help from anyone he wants.

In other words, it was an errand as vaguely worded as any other errand in a fairy tale.

Upon being ejected from the Metaverse, Aether found himself on a small aquatic world stranded somewhere in the Ocean Between. Adopted by an aging knight from an ancient order dedicated to wandering the worlds and protecting them from the darkness, he has slowly learned to fend for himself and ventured out into the universe. Still not sure if there is anything he can actually do to restore the Metaverse, he travels in hopes that he'll find some pieces to the puzzle of what happened to make the world like this in the first place.

A few additional facts about Aether:
1. Aether's gender isn't entirely set in stone. Although the Nameless Hero was usually portrayed as male in older times, the more recent stories often erased that stereotype. As such, he might appear as female in certain plot-specific posts I make for him. His "default" shape is male mostly out of personal habit.
2. Similarly, his name is hardly set in stone. Although Aether is a name he was given by a friend and thus treasures it greatly, he might go by other ones in certain situations.
3. Being a Nameless Hero involves a lot of stories. As such, I'm open to letting Aether play a role from any existing story with a nameless and/or customizable protagonist. Mass Effect and Dragon Age? Sure. Winter Voices or Shin Megami Tensei? All right with me. A random MMORPG world? As long as I played it, he can be someone you adventured with! Just ask me about it if you're interested.
4. Aether operates under a very strict privacy clause that forbids him from disrupting the narrative of other stories. As such, he isn't going to discuss other characters' worlds with them if he's ever been to them, and won't even remember meeting them if he did. This is done to prevent excessive infomodding. I'm only going to allow that knowledge of his into play if I'm given permission from the other player in the thread.
5. Because of previous CR and such, Aether already has a number of established identities in Star Wars, Forgotten Realms, Mass Effect and Diablo, among others. He had also spent quite a bit of time in the Kingdom Hearts universe due to having arrived there from the Metaverse, and spent some time in Ivalice during the Archadian Empire's occuption of Dalmasca (the era of Final Fantasy XII). Although this won't often be brought into play because of the statement above, I'm willing to bring that knowledge into play if you want me to.


LUCETI: Application
Walking on the air.

SCENE.000: Scarred Battlefield -leaving for the stars-
Walking on the air.
SCENE.000: Scarred Battlefield -leaving for the stars-Collapse )

But that was back when I ruled the world

[fragment 11 / october 01 / 13:07]
Look ahead.
Minamimoto's duelist blade is a cleaver with a lion's head. A fitting toy for a feral bastard like him.

Travis' blade is a katana with a glowing edge. A strangely noble weapon for a thug. Is it trying to tell us something?

My blade is an giant edge engraved with a black cross. It is a graceless weapon that can serve as a shield in dire need. But ever since bonding with Melusine, it became a thin blade with an ocean-colored blade and a dragon entwined in a honeysuckle vine for a hilt. Is there a certain power between these bonds that transforms our weapon? If that is true, what are these weapons made of?

Is that even a true form? In my dream, I've seen myself wielding a pair of blades, one white as snow and other black like perfect darkness. I think I share a certain bond with those weapons. If anyone ever sees anything like them, do tell me.

What does your blade look like? What does it mean to you? What does it represent? Were you never curious?

[private to Melusine; unhackable]
Melusine. I expect you in my room as soon as you see this message.

[private to Lavi; unhackable]
Lavi. Have you found anything peculiar? We should return to our idea of a newspaper club.

[private to Yuuko; unhackable]
Nurse. I have a simple question for you. Who are you?

[fragment 10 / september 28 / 08:01]
Look ahead.
This place turns more and more distressing with every week. I'm no longer sure which world I trust more, the normal one or the rare world of chains and colors. My right eye is still twitching, as if something is trying to rip its way out of it. And then, there is that feeling of something tightening around my heart...

I considered returning to the church tonight, but I'm in no mood for that. I'll do my classes and take a walk around the town. I think there are more things I missed in my previous visits.

[fragment 09 / september 27 / 09:13]
Look ahead.
This place is so noisy. It's early morning and everyone is howling like it's high time for apocalypse and demons are flying rounds outside our windows. It's just a single idiot in state of undress. Half of you see something like that daily in the mirror. Stop whining and let some of us rest on weekend.


I'll go explore the town. You children can continue the discussion of your sensitive hearts and ruined innocence.

[fragment 08 / september 24 / 14:33]
Solitude that asks nothing in return.
Waking up in a pile of what was once my hair felt terribly uncomfortable. If our dear teachers intend to perform experiments on us, maybe they should be made to clean up after their mess. I'm definitely not looking forward to spending my stipend on clothes and washing utilities.

I'm going to town to stock up once more. Melusine, do you need something? Something to distract you from the last duel, perhaps? Did it pass alright for you? Are you stressed, by any chance? If you come across my room, feel free to help yourself to clothes I bought for these four obnoxious days. Don't worry about all the hair on my bed. I'll clean it up once I return.

7'th fragment
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes.
I and Sho have cut open the path to the battlefield. The duel has ended as the sun approached the horizon, and it was my blade that dealt the final strike. Miss Windia can serve as a witness. She is a bride of neither of us, but she ended up overlooking the process by accident.

The sensation of victory was bizarre. It felt nothing like an achievement. In the end... We are expected to polish and temper ourselves, are we not? We are expected to become stronger. So why do I feel like the path I stepped on is not one of improving myself, but one of backtracking to the way I was before? Why do I not feel like I am stronger now, but that I was simply too weak when compared to the true form of my skill?

This isn't a path of strength. This is a path of truth.

They should learn to word their letters better.

Look ahead.
The power to revolutionize the world. What a ridiculous reason. Could they not gather us for something a little more meaningful? It's like living a bad novel. In the end, a single heart is nothing more than that. It cannot revolutionize anything.

Lavi, I'll be waiting for you in the assigned place tomorrow. We should discuss our idea.

I'm not playing this game for those ridiculous prizes and entry fees. I'm playing it because it sounds exciting.

Look ahead.
School clubs, huh... Alright then. I'm sure that, somewhere out there, there is one that'll make me give a damn. Maybe something to do with reading..? But I can already do that whenever I feel like it. I'm not sure there's one that could keep my attention for long.

I'll look for one. When I'm in the mood for that.

Look ahead.
Private EntryCollapse )

Hn... This class schedule is so difficult. It won't be easy to skip classes I can't bring myself to care about. I hoped my problems would end with the morning assembly, but this is a whole new level of frustrating.

I'm still not confident about this education thing.

Look ahead.
All this rambling of nightmares and forbidden memories is giving me a headache. I have had my share of nightmares during this week, but placing such importance in them... How ridiculous. Dreams are nothing more than manifestation of your stress. To place such excessive meaning into them is madness.

I shall spend the remnants of my day exploring. 'Tis about time I memorized the locations of everything important.

Look ahead.
So this is used for helping students bond with each other... Interesting. I have never heard of such a thing being used in schools. Whoever thought of this, is either genius or madman. This serves as a perfect breeding ground for rumors, after all...

Although, it does create a perfect way for keeping track of things.

#001 - Introduction
Look ahead.
You know you have slept a couple hours too long when you can barely recognize your own room.

'Tis hard to believe that summer break is nearly over. It felt so long this time, the previous year is nothing more than a veil of mist in my memory. Or perhaps, it has been too uneventful for my memory to bother. I cannot even remember my classmates from the last year.

Come to think of it, my preparations for the school are far from over. My shelves are empty and my pocket's far too heavy with money saved for books. Perhaps, I should take a walk across the campus and have a journey through the stores.

...Right then. With no other plans left, 'tis best I start to act.

OOC - Game Change
Look ahead.
From now on, this journal will be used for roleplaying at jardin_du_ciel.

FRAGMENTS chapters will no longer be posted here, either. They are now moved to noble_phantasm.

It has been a fun and productive time of roleplaying in the Nexus, but between applying to several other games and being given approval on bringing this character into the game I currently run, I no longer have time for that community. Thank you for the time you spent with me, and I wish everyone a fun and productive time in the future.

If you find that your journal is no longer friended by this one, it's because I've been cleaning up the flist for the new game. Worry not, it's nothing against you, it's simply me preparing the journal for the new environment. If you still want to continue keeping track of this journal, simply comment with your journal of choice and I'll add you once again. Otherwise, I would appreciate if you'd remove this journal from your flist.

Farewell and good luck to all of you. I hope your RP continues to shine like it always did.

Journal Entry #042
Look ahead.
Tonight, I had an epiphany of sorts.

The multiverse is endless. Few things have limitations out here. There are numerous worlds and one could wander them for all eternity. Up until now, I have been exploring them on my own, one by one, creating a map in my head as I try my best to find the way back home or discover the clues on where I should look for one.

However, no matter how I think about it, I cannot be the one wandering this endless space. There should be others out there, with their own maps and pathways. And with the number of stores and buildings around the Nexus, it wouldn't be impossible for one of those wanderers to leave their findings behind in one of them. There should be a store out there that would carry one of those maps of dimensions. It would be only a matter of walking in and asking.

I do not know why I never thought about it before. But maybe, just maybe, I can find a portal I need to take this way.

[ While I'm updating, in case you're not reading the OOC community for Clockwise Town, we are currently holding a haunted house event. Click here for the details. ]

[kind of open]
Look ahead.
Amidst the pale-blue of winter dawn, I awaken for what feels like the first time. It is a strange feeling. The old streets of a newborn city stretch out around me, engulfing the world in a veil of pale colors. It is a lonely place. Hazy shadows pour out of the black windows like tears of a lost child who only wishes to not be forgotten. How did I end up here? Where was I going in the first place that this place became my world, even if for a short time? Was it the final goal in an important mission or merely an attempt to prove my own existence? Does it even matter?

This morning feels just like the one when I first realized that I live.

Black armored boots hit the pale ground softly, leaving neither sound nor trace behind them. As Aether walks down the road consumed by the early morning, he feels almost like a ghost. His eyes are lost behind the bangs of bluish-white, almost the same color as the pale sky, and his armored form looks like an angular shadow. He makes several steps forward, then stops and leans back, letting his gaze touch the sky.

Back then... On that morning just like this one, I realized the world is a very bleak place. For every bright color of happiness, there is one of poison. For every bleak one of serenity, there is one of despair. Smiles hide a sparkle of sadness in the corner of one's eye, and the back of the person who feels incredibly strong, is so pitifully small and weak. This is the kind of world I found myself living in. There is no color of happiness in this world that has no hue of sadness to it.

It is that hue, that second shadow... That is what I would accept as a reason for my existence.

A soft, almost inaudible, sigh escapes his lips and he steps forward, making another silent step on the fog-covered walkway. Another step follows and, slowly, he turns to another street and continues walking.

It is just another nostalgic morning. Just another small journey.

(( I, um, have no idea where I'm going with this. It's just an attempt to get the character's voice back, since my roleplaying muse completely shriveled up and died, so I have problems writing. I assume he's somewhere in Clockwise, since Aether barely left it lately. In either case, if someone wants to tag to this post and run a thread, they're free to do so. ))

(no subject)
Look ahead.
1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you ask them five questions.

Questions I have received so far.Collapse )

Week 1 - Awkward First Steps
Look ahead.
The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You - EpilogueCollapse )

Week I - Awkward First Steps
Look ahead.
The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You - Part 2Collapse )

Week I - Awkward First Steps
Look ahead.
Part.1 - The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You.1Collapse )

Week I - Awkward First Steps
Look ahead.
Prologue - RunawayCollapse )

open post - moving on
Look ahead.
Los Angeles. The city where angels go to die.

Tonight, this city has an awful day. Summoned by advancing winter, heavy rain falls down onto the street and covers the streets in a thick veil of haphazard lines. People rush for cover and call for cars to stop, while homeless cats and dogs snuggle into their dark, empty spaces under dumpsters and ladders in search for at least a little protection. It feels like the kind of day when everything goes wrong.

And yet, somehow, it cannot help but feel right. Like this is how it should've ended from the very beginning, when he first chose this place for his home.

"I almost settled down, huh..." Ether speaks as his gloved hand slips down the thick glass with a soft noise, as if trying to touch the droplets of rain outside. They are so beautiful from here, so numerous and yet so lonely, rushing toward a place they don't even know and getting lost there as they seek their happiness. They are so much like him. It feels good that they came tonight to see him off.

Slowly, he turns back into the room and looks around. Somehow, this place feels especially warm tonight. It is as if his decision made the memories made here so much more precious, the time spent here so much more important. He knows none of this will go to waste. He will visit from time to time. Several people he loves are living here right now, and someone has to keep Shanley company once in a while. Still, he already made a decision and nothing can stop him now. This is the way it should be.

Tonight, he begins his journey once again.

(( This is the premise to my next plan where Ether's life is concerned. The reason is because one of my stories is beginning tomorrow. Starting Monday, Ether is no longer staying in Los Angeles for more than a rare visit. ))

(( Feel free to go in and bother him before he leaves! ))

Elsa Bathory ~ Scene Post
Look ahead.
Esquisse of Violence ~ The Clock TowerCollapse )

Look ahead.
This is only the second time Ether visited to his apartment since his return.

Tonight, he is not alone. As he enters the large and sparsely decorated guest room, he is followed by a fat cat of gray color and... A young lady of roughly his age, with black hair bound into long flowing braids and an uniform that could make one wonder if she and Ether follow the same sense of fashion.

"And this is it." He smiles and spins around to face the girl, his expression turning into a happy smile as the cat circles around his feet. "Make yourself at home!"

One can only wonder what will happen from now on. :o


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