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I remember reaching the end of the world...

Æther Brandier
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Fairy tales exist.
That simple truth governed the world for many eons. Even as centuries passed, beliefs changed and humans fought their wars, there was always an invisible thread that bound it all together in the storybook of history. The reign of a princess and the blade of a knight, the power of a witch and faith in god. Everything ensured that the story continued on and roles were fulfilled perfectly.
The Black Knight was another such role - an existence intended to aid the world by harmonizing hope and despair. For that purpose, the knight returned in the times of greatest crisis and led the world to peace and hope, only to perish at the exact moment when resulting despair would create a balance.


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Aether Brandier is an original character created by the author behind this journal. There are two versions of him in play: the original one used in stories and app-only games, and the "Another Road" version used in dressing rooms. The links below contain all necessary information about both.
PROFILE: Core Ver. (under construction) PROFILE: Another Road Ver.